Milestone Leader: Eunice Shin

Due Date: October 9, 2008


The goal of this milestone was to consolidate our data and put real faces on our stakeholders. We will consider their backgrounds, daily activities, and goals as we prepare for the design process.


We have since conducted 11 more interviews in order to further understand our stakeholders. After addressing our peer critiques as well as our own, we felt that we simply needed more data along with a restructuring of our interview questions. With new, more reliable data, we reassessed our affinity diagram and discussed how this new information about our stakeholders would affect our persona designs.

PERSONAS (click on image below to view PDF)

Claire Burke
Homeowner w/o Alternative Energy
Michelle Schneider
Homeowner w/o Alternative Energy
Raymond Taylor
Homeowner w/ Alternative Energy
Nathan Miller
Alternative Energy Contractor


  • More Interviews
  • Lo-fi prototype