Mid-Fi Prototype


To create a mid-fi prototype of the u:Decide website with some basic functionality for purposes of user-testing.


Step 1

We reviewed all our previous work on the project while preparing for milestone 6 and then wrote down a list of important features and design ideas that we felt should be included. We then divided the website into three sections and each of us took responsibility for the primary development of one of the parts.

Step 2

We kept in touch with each other about our progress and continued to meet over the course of the next two weeks. We went through several stages of building digital mock-ups in this time, and the final product began to come together.

Step 3

Taking all the individual parts that had been developed so far, we met on a fateful night at Eric's place, where we synthesized the individual sections and created the Mid-Fi Prototype.

Mid-fi Prototype

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  • User Testing