Serial vs Parallel Processing

Learning about how humans process different visual stimuli has been quite intriguing. Here is a quick example of the serial and parallel processing that takes place in your own brain! Find the C in the series of letters below:


Difficult? Did you notice how your eyes scrolled from left to right in search of the letter? That's because complicated shapes like letters are processed serially. Now find the A:


A little bit easier than the previous? That's because the A is quite dissimilar from the other letters and your brain could more easily discern the difference. Finally, find the purple box below:


Took no time at all? That's because your brain can process colors in parallel. Cool, right?

Transparent Images + Javascript (online stencil art?)

I enjoy making stencils so I decided to try an online version. To create these, I first scanned some sketches that I did in my Interface and Interaction Design course. I then made the pencil marks transparent and placed them over divs that change color using simple javascript.

Psychedelic wordle of my résumé

Similarly, I took various images with different transparencies and overlayed them on a div that changes color. No flash required!


I wanted a simple wallpaper and didn't feel like looking online. So, I made my own! Orange is my favorite, but I just can't look at such a vibrant color all day.. so I went with a nice, tranquil blue. How exciting! Large Version (1920 x 1200)